liberty signed dated

Oil on canvas. 24 x 32″. April 8-9 2020


    1. Thanks Neil.
      You made my day.
      I’m stretching and priming more canvases… it takes time…
      I have a desire to create works about things that matter or maybe that don’t matter in the great scheme of things… hopefully some meaningful work…
      Ideas, though, even roughly executed ones… count for more with me than finished or beautifully painted pieces…
      Thank you again.
      Best wishes to you and yours,

      1. Really great thing working through ideas and rough stuff often appeals more giving insight into your thinking.
        Isolation working well for you? I kind of think I was pre adapted for this life.
        Take care

      2. Isolation is working fine for me, thanks. But then I’m used to it! I need solitude in order to work.
        Yes, thanks, and you take care too.

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