Portrait of a beautiful girl

seated woman

I think this one is finished bar my signing and dating it…

Oil on canvas, 24 x 32″, April 12 2020


    1. I’m not sure what the narrative is! When I think of narrative painting something like Masaccio’s ‘Tribute Money’ comes to mind… or that painting ‘Scapegoat’ by some Pre-raphaelite or other (can’t recall his name offhand…) Thank you kindly, Neil, for the compliment… I’m not very communicative these days, apologies.

      1. I’m maybe wrong. I don’t see the bigger picture of your “artistic journey” if such a thing exists. But I was thinking back to the Japanese porn star and the thread of paintings from there on and I think there is an artistic narrative there but could of course just be pretentious b******s on my part.

  1. You may also be right! Yes, that particular Japanese girl / woman is still ‘there’ in my mind, sometimes foreground, sometimes background, sometimes consciously forgotten about altogether, but unconsciously she has made an impact upon me, upon my psyche. I have the greatest respect for her and I’m not just speaking of her physical attributes. Here was a pretty little girl who entered the big bad world of Japanese and international porn, and yet she has seemingly escaped unscarred, (albeit probably only partially,) with her life and liberty still intact. That she is still able to smile is something worthy of an Olympic crown. Yes, a perceptive observation / thought on your part.

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