1. Thanks Ryan… rephotographed it this morning (just now) outdoors under overcast skies and am loathe to add more paint in case I make a mess of it! If I do add any more it will just be some small finishing touches.

    1. Hi Linien, You are perceptive. The title was perhaps somewhat ironic and the piece will stay more or less the way it is. The only direction possible is that which involves repainting portions of the image, in other words destroying what I have in order to create something better. But what is good or better or best? Who knows? I must learn to be satisfied with what I have and not to be greedy for more. Painting is a balancing act. One can end up (if one overdoes things) with a canvas of encrusted paint or worse an ugly monochromatic mess, and that is something I want to try and avoid.

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