Eros unbound


(Rephotographed in daylight July 1)

Oil on canvas, 18 x 18″, June 30 2020

Another experimental piece. This style of painting is very traditional in a curious sort of way. It’s modern, it oozes Picasso, for example, yes, it is Modernist, bang up to date, and yet it’s also old, as old as Manet, and also very much older, as in Velasquez.

I had thought about titling this piece “Kiss my a**e artworld” but no I think Eros unbound, Eros freed, (allusions to Prometheus there,) is somehow more appropriate.

Here, on this page, it looks like a few more or less coloured abstract shapes but in the real world and looking at the actual painting from a distance of say 5 or 6 yards what was abstract acquires a certain photographic verisimilitude. But then perhaps paintings were always meant to be looked at from a distance.


    1. Lol ! No, not at all ! Thanks, Neil ! Appreciate your comment. BTW I gave up with the ‘likes’ button because I get so few likes and anyway I’m not really here to accumulate vast quantities of likes. I think there are people here who actually believe that getting lots, hundreds even, of likes and praise too, amounts to something meaningful in the scheme of things. Who I wonder invented that notion and foisted it upon us?

      1. To me likes are just an acknowledgement that i saw something. I like stuff I don’t much like if i have taken the trouble to call by and look. It doesnt mean like.
        But the point of the blog for me was to organise my own thoughts. I blog for me. It has been an occasional unexpected pleasure to build friendships also from this.

      2. Yes, that was my purpose in opening a WP account, I mean it was just about keeping some sort of record. I should’ve written more, but my days of keeping a journal have been and gone, and I don’t talk much these days. I have a Facebook and other social media accounts too and all of them seem to be about likes and if one is lucky his or her contribution gets so many likes that it goes viral… it all just seems like a load of bo*****s to me… maybe all these social media sites (and there are many of them) are dating agencies of some sort or another – certainly Facebook started out that way… enough from me.

      3. I dont use facebook any more. Its algorithms seem very destructive to me. WordPress seems so much more benign – not much goes viral here. I got caught up in twitter though. I followed all the Labour MPs through the leadership election and have widened a bit more along specific interests. I systematically block anything populist though. I don’t know about dating though :-). Long time since i did that.

      4. Myself likewise… laughs… populist? – that’s just about everything now isn’t it? Demagogues everywhere… Bojo, though, he’s a curious mix of privilege and populist… but as for Corbyn, well he was a non-starter!
        They’ve been changing stuff or updating things at WP – they never asked us either – but I’m sticking with the old way as long as I can. Twitter is a horrible place. Keep it short Peter… that’s my two-penn’orth for the night.

    1. Thank you kindly young sir. I rephotographed it today under an overcast (the usual) Irish sky which improves the look of the thing. I hope you’re working hard creating stuff yourself. Thanks again Ryan.

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