Where have you come from? What are you doing? Where are you going?

travelling woman 3


Oil on canvas, 20 x 28″, July 2-4 2020

An impression. A moment in time. A sunnyish day. A woman going somewhere. Alone and vulnerable on the streets of the city.


Marcel Duchamp: Nude descending a staircase.

Georges Seurat: A Sunday on la grande jatte.

Vincent van Gogh: The artist on the road to Tarascon.


  1. The poem and finished painting are epic!

    Had no idea you were a poet too like me!

    Awesome work sir!

    The finished product of the painting came out nicely.

    Great work!

    Well done!

    1. Thanks Ryan !
      I’m not really a poet.
      I used to read other men’s poetry.
      Modern and not so modern.
      I loved Wordsworth’s, ‘Excursion.’
      And Coleridge.
      Yes, mostly 19th century stuff.
      Haiku too,
      Although I found it hard to get my brain around what it was they (Basho, etc.,) were doing.
      Good on you Ryan.

      1. That’s cool. I am a member of the L:OWER BUCKS WRITER’S GROUP. We get together every week to share our writing and do a constructive critique on it. Anyways, this one guy in my group writes haiku. He is good but it takes him a a whole week to write it. That is how hard Haiku is to write and it is equally as hard to understand. I miss my group as we have suspended club days since the pandemic. Can’t wait till the Vaccine is out and I can return with my friends! Always a pleasure sir!

  2. I looked them up but there seem to be a number of writer’s groups in Lower Bucks… any significance between the writer’s tool, his pen, (and the sound ‘pencil’,) and the name Pennsylvania is purely accidental of course… reminds me of that curious phenomenon related to people’s names and their professions. Yes, Haiku, very difficult to write well. I read Blyth’s three volume study on the subject years ago but was unable to write any Haiku myself. But reading that work led me to look into other authors, the American Transcendentalist, Emerson, for example, and also Wordsworth! I think Haiku relate to nature, or rather natural world occurrences, such as a frog leaping into a pond… OMG a vaccine against Covid is surely a long way off. You’re a young man, so you should be okay. But the statistics for the USA make for bad reading. Yes, I hope things pick up soon.

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