The final version

final version minus signature

[Above] A few finishing touches and the background tidied up.

the final scumble

the final scumble 3 x 2 crop

Dirty titanium white scumbled over the image in an attempt (half-successful) to get the drawing more correct. If I screw up my eyes and look at this painting it does bear some reasonably close resemblance to my face.

Can’t do any more. The paint just gets dirtier and dirtier.

Useful exercise though.

Oil on canvas, 18 x 20″, the last couple of days, July 2020


    1. Thanks! An exercise in damage limitation. Sometimes, much of the time, accidents work… but one feels they are somehow never quite enough… the secret is knowing when to stop!

      1. A-Men! Somebody once said “When you have a creative work. Your never really finished with it. You just reach point where you have to stop.” – Peter Chung. Creator of the Anime “AEON FLUX” for MTV. It was a big cartoon show in the 90s! I started watching in 1998, when I was a softmore in high school! Been a fan ever since! Anyways, we all decide to stop at some point just like you said! Your work inspires me as well as you! Keep painting and I’ll do the same! ROCK ON!

  1. Exactly! So, Ryan, if you were a sophomore in 1998, you must now be about 40 years old, give or take a few? Yes, I will continue to paint and draw – and you do the same my friend.

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