WordPress tyrants using DARK PATTERNS to force their users into following new-fangled ‘block’ editor

Did you WordPress people never hear the saying, ‘If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it’?


    1. Thank you John, I love you mate. These big American companies don’t give a shit about us poor people on the receiving end of their shenanigans. I’m thinking now of going into political art, and attacking these f***ers! Forgive my grumpy old man attitude. Best wishes to you John.

    1. Thanks Neil… it’s about the way we customers are being forced by Internet corporations and multinational big business to follow their orders… it’s about them deciding what#s good for us and denying us the right to decide for ourselves.

      1. WordPress is notoriously difficult to use. But I needed somewhere to store or keep a record of my art as well as a place to put some of it on display. I am not a salesman and couldn’t care less about selling my work. I am just a creator. That’s all. I didn’t realise how difficult it was to set up a website. I started with the free blog. They pestered me to invest in a domain name and so on. Being stupid I agreed. I wanted something very simple to use, I am not interested in become a website designer. So after initial difficulties I managed to set up the simplest possible site. And I used their so-called ‘classic’editor. Now they have changed to some other so-called ‘block’ editor which I didn’t want because for one thing it looks much more complex and difficult to use. I was quite happy with the way things were but they seem to think they have the right to decide what is best…. long story short, I think a poet might call it progress which is a very questionable thing. WordPress forced these changes through even though many customers don’t want them because it means they have to relearn stuff. And the way that it is done is sneakily, it’s been called using ‘dark patterns’ to get people to do and buy stuff they don’t really want or need. Hope that explains! P.S. Even though I’ve complained to them and I asked them to change me back to classic editor they refused and just basically told me, that’s impossible, hard luck. That’s not the way to treat customers. PPS Also I just acquired a new laptop with Microsoft OS on it and have spent 3 days trying to get rid of Edge! I use Google not Edge etc etc So it’s not just WP but I’d say most if not all of the US corporations involved in software that are up to the same tricks. Moreover, the Internet has changed. It’s not a good place anymore. Big business along with Big Brother has taken over.

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