1. Thanks Ryan! Art is a learning process. One makes continual discoveries, not just about technique but also about oneself. This piece is finished, signed and dated. The girl depicted loves it. It just needs a light spray of varnish and a simple frame. Oh, and a few days to let the paint dry. (Fortunately there’s no impasto, which takes months to dry, only thin paint.)

      1. Excellent job! Well done! Good Show! I am glad the people who experienced the painting love it as much as you did making it. An art professor once told me “It is NOT just about the completed artwork….it is the journey that also makes it great! Learning to enjoy the process is also important!” Love this! ROCK ON!!!!

      2. Yes, Ryan, that is so true. It’s the painting part of it, i.e., the learning process, not just the finished piece, which is what painting (or art) is all about. Self-discovery. Glad you liked it! Thanks!

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