1. HEH! HEH! HEH! That’s cool!

    The colors are very cool too!

    They really draw the attention as much as the well endowed figure.

    Good painting!

    ROCK ON!

    1. I know some people who are offended but this is the modern world, the world we live in now, not the world of yesteryear. This model is very interesting. She has a great figure and a lovely face and she knows how to act. Thank you Ryan for your continued support. You are a gentleman.

      1. Always. I am glad the model was a nice person and a true professional. I used to draw nude life models in art college. I would never criticize them ever! This is what they do for a living! They are respectable people! It IS ART!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you and the model! ROCK ON Y’ALL!!!!!!

      2. Wow ! You are so open-minded ! You are a credit to the human race. Yes. when I was a young fella at art college I spent most of my time in the life room drawing models, young, old, male, female, beautiful, not so beautiful, tall, short, – you name it – but all with fascinating / unique bodies. Yes, and most of them were professionals and knew what they were doing and I would never dream of judging them in a bad way. They have to earn a living. Best wishes to you!

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