A quick thought or two

I think it’s well-known that the invention of the printing press brought about a revolution that changed the world and for ever. Previously scribes had been employed to make copies of books. When the printing press came into being a lot of scribes found themselves out of a job. That’s what happens when new technology comes along.

Now here we are in this digital age and so it seems we are in the midst of another technological revolution, that of the image. Images exert enormous power and influence over us. Images of famous people, of celebrities, of actors, of musicians, of war victims, of starving people, etc., etc.. We are bombarded with images and that is the world we live in now. A world in which the image rules over us.

As for me, personally, I find images of oriental-looking women beautiful. I can’t say why. I don’t know these women personally. I know them only as images. I might not like them at all in the flesh but as images I can fall in love with them!

And we’re all doing it: falling in love with people depicted in images!

Is it a human weakness, I wonder? Is there some sort-of therapeutic value in all this?

One thing’s for sure, the entertainment industry knows about this power of images and makes use of it for profit. But who cares? We are after all being introduced to beautiful people the world over and falling in love with their images!

C’est la vie!

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