Mixed media sketch of…

(The above image BTW is a digitally modified version of the original drawing below.)

…the exceptionally talented Japanese actor / actress Hitomi Tanaka playing the part of a call-girl.

My drawing or sketch was made after a selected still from the film, (I don’t know it’s title,) – just came across it while surfing the Internet – one in which, as always, Ms. Tanaka gives an accomplished performance.

She is a true professional: her work is her work, it is nothing more than her job, but nevertheless she gives of her best. She makes it clear that her work, the job she does, is not to be confused with who she is in her person.

Public and private.

It is the same for me, my work as an artist, making drawings and paintings of my fellow human beings, whatever their situation in life, is on public view, but I myself am a private person.

I give of my best, too, which is what being an artist means: no second-best, and I really couldn’t give a shit what people think. I’m not doing this to please anyone.

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