1. Well, Ryan, there wasn’t that much suffering involved, more fascination, but I know what you mean! It was a joy to watch this falcon, so cool, as several magpies, squawking a lot and flapping their wings, tried to annoy it, tried to mug it, but any time one of them got too close this great bird rose up and frightened them off, and then returned to its perch… so cool! Glad I witnessed this.

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      2. OMG! Me too! You see, we have a bird feeder in our back yard. The squirrels try to get some food by hanging backwards over the bird feeder, opening the little doors with their claws and stuffing their face upside down before they go to store in it the tree for winter. It is funny and cute! The birds are getting more attune to it though. They chase the squirrels, and vice versa! Cute and funny! LOL!

      3. Sounds wonderful. Squirrels are the cutest things. Fortunately here there are red squirrels too. But we have cats so no bird feeders. I used to love watching the siskins when the feeders were up. Animals are adorable. Can you post some photos of these squirrels doing their acrobatics?

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