1. One has times of slackness. I don’t know why. Maybe doubts, maybe disillusionment, but I just ordered a load of Belgian linen plus stretcher bars and someone kindly bought me a new studio easel so I’m climbing out of the doldrums again n fighting spirit. I’m reducing the size of my canvases. If I have anything worth saying it doesn’t need a huge canvas to say it! I can get more done too! So I’m making birthday resolutions too about what I’m doing, where I’m going, what’s right to paint and what is less right.

      1. Had no idea it is your bday! Happy Birthday! May this be an excellent birthday for you! …and may the post COVID era bring you an even brighter one! ROCK ON! Cause You Rock!

      2. And you too Ryan ! Don’t ever give up the fight ! I would sooner be on the side of a handful of good honest men fighting against the worldly hordes than the other way round any day.

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