1. I love your paintings!

    So Colorful and beautiful.

    But, I must also admit that I love Pencil Drawing!

    As you know, I do art!

    Pencil is one of my favorite art forms!

    So lovely and fun and expressive!

    Your Pencil Drawings are fun and inventive.

    If you do decide to color this, try inking with a black

    colored pencil and coloring with colored pencils.

    That always works for me!

    Just a suggestion.

    Your the master!

    Your Choice!

    Anyways, I love that you decided to do a pencil drawing!

    Awesome Buddy!

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!

    1. Excellent work Ryan. I have to laugh because my mother used to say very much the same thing! So, praise be to all moms, everywhere, who work so hard to raise their kids!

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