1. Whether it ends up a drawing or a painting ……it’s gonna be good!

    You can tell from the pic you posted!

    Keep going and it will become amazing!

    You have my utmost confidence!

    That being said, here is what I like about it!

    The colors of the trees are beautiful!

    I like what looks like a blanket hanging from the tree.

    Perhaps it is a person carrying a blanket!

    Good stuff man!

    This got my imagination going!


    1. Thanks so much Ryan! I finished it but couldn’t get a good photo of it yet. This one is blurred. But it’ll have to do for the time being! I have to rush to the dentist. BTW the ‘blanket’ I think you’re referring to is bare beech wood, where a huge, I mean absolutely huge, branch broke off from the trunk, during a storm earlier this year. That said, I leave interpretations up to viewers. It is a painted impression though not a photographic view. Cheers!

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