A visual explanation…

… for a friend’s query… I couldn’t find my light red, so instead toned the canvas (last night) with burnt sienna (red-brown) and a little white mixed in. And this morning painted it very fast, (20 minutes or so,) a view in the beech wood. Notice how because I used a toned ground that there are no flecks of white canvas to distract the eye. The toned ground sort-of joins everything together. So you don’t have to laboriously cover every square millimetre of canvas when you come to make the painting! Hope that explains what I mean. Oil impasto on (warm ground) toned linen canvas, 8 x 9″, Oct 22 2020


  1. EPiC!

    This really makes the imagination wonder!

    These trees are like a forest.

    Maybe a wolf and a fairy are nearby.

    Beautiful Work!

    Good Job!

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