1. I have been watching this painting progress.

    It got better each time!

    This painting went through a process of labor and love!

    You did good here sir!

    Great Work!

    1. Thank you, Ryan. I wanted to avoid creating a painting / drawing that is little more than a good or bad copy of a photograph. There is too much reliance on photographic imagery in the creative process… okay, so photography and technology can capture moments, even sequences of moments, as in movies, but art is surely not about copying photographic moments, is it? I think not. I like to see the imprint of the psyche or personality that was involved in the creation of the work, whether it be a painting or a piece of sculpture, otherwise why take the trouble? One might make a slavish copy of a photo once or twice to prove that one is basically competent but there are people who do nothing other than this. And there is nothing more boring than to look at pencil drawings that are slavish copies of black and white photos of movie stars.

      1. Well said.

        Here is a quote that I once heard.

        “One should not try to slavishly try to copy reference. The artist does not work for the reference. The reference merely helps the artist. Always add your own artistic voice to your work!” – Joe Kubert! Comic Book Legend and Founder of the Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art!

        You are right in what you said!

        You added your imagination to it cause you are very creative!

        Great stuff friend!

        ROCK ON!!!!

      2. Exactly! I think Vincent van Gogh says the same thing somewheres in his letters too. Actually it’s something of a commonplace where art is concerned… but that doesn’t stop people from doing it!!! The artist’s personality is important too, and to try and hide your self (and ludicrously believe that you can be as objective as the camera – or even more objective!) is a mistake that many seem to fall into nowadays.

      3. Somebody once said “THE ARTIST CAN NEVER COMPETE WITH THE CAMERA. ONE REALLY SHOULDN’T TRY TO!” – Mike Manly. Comic Book Art Legend! Thanks for the thoughtful feedback Peter! You Rock!

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