1. Lol I actually bought mine because my friend shaved my head during the summer and I looked like an Easter egg, so I decided to hide it 🤣

      2. Wise decision ! What summer BTW? We missed out on one here. Just wind and rain ! Does that count as a summer ? Now when I was a kid, I’m pretty sure of this, it was sunny most of the time. Something must’ve happened along the way ! Lol. Hope you’re getting along well at your new place of work meeting and making friends with new bunch of people.

      3. English summers are the best! And I agree, summers used to be hot and sunny.
        I haven’t started yet, I have to go through security checks and such like. I should start it in December

    1. Thank you Ryan. Nice thought, but I’m a bit too old for that sort of thing. Lol. Besides, we have lockdown here in Ireland due to a spike in covid 19 virus infections!

      1. Stay safe friend! I will to the same! We are gonna survive this! As long as we hang in there…together as people on Planet Earth! Great Photograph too!

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