Happy Halloween!

A last minute job, thus no time to do this one well… had to stretch a small canvas with linen and give it three coats of acrylic primer, then wait for it to dry sufficiently, before making the painting in oil colour… and meanwhile the sun going down on me rapidways… and needed a photo of it before dark !!! 12 x 16″, Oct 30 2020


  1. I like the portrait of the pretty girl!

    You got her lipstick and eyes and facial features and even her clothing done nicely!

    Not everything has to be a masterpiece to be beautiful!

    Good work!

    I bet the girl who modeled for this would agree!

    Good Work!

    Be kind to yourself!

    You work hard on your art!


    1. Thanks Ryan. I had no time to do it. Had to knock up a linen canvas and prime it…. The painting itself was done in approx 45 minutes, and then I had to photograph it and post it on the Web. Didn’t even have time to sign it. Lol. Her mom loves it though. Take care my friend!

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