Beginning the process…

…of reworking an early study of Hitomi Tanaka, oil on canvas, 36 x 36″, (image modified with digital software,) Nov 7 2020

One should never be afraid to destroy stuff one has created that is unsatisfactory… this image was simply not good enough and I have been meaning to rework it for some time. So I will let it sit on an easel as I contemplate what to do with it, how best to revivify it.


    1. I just checked out your best band in the world drawing on Deviant website. Why not post it here? You have your own unique style. Just work away and fill sketchbooks, get a body of work together, and try and get galleries to show your stuff. Rock on, my friend!

      1. I see you have a fair amount of drawings on your Deviant art page and plenty of activity, watchers, and so on. But Deviant art won’t let me look closely unless I sign up and become part of their empire. And that I’m not prepared to do. But you really should consider posting your drawings on WordPress, Ryan.

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