The mask of Hitomi

© Peter Robinson 2020

Played around with this one enough. It’s a painting now. Pure and simple. Modern art. Three images. 1. The oil painting itself. Quickly painted mostly just to cover up the earlier piece which I wasn’t happy with: this one, even though it lacks polish, is much more a work of art, in the modern Western tradition. 2. Cropped down to the face, a configuration that is basic to human understanding. 3. This one is the face modified with a software program.

The original painting was 100 x 100cm but the stretcher (Winsor & Newton rubbish) was broken so I restretched the canvas on 36 x 36″ stretchers and very quickly dashed paint over it to get going (not knowing where of course!)

This and other similar faces (especially Japanese ones) seems to have a great deal of hegemonic power and influence in our modern world. Something I find very interesting…


  1. A great painting of a pretty girl painted by a master!

    Excellent Work!

    Good job!

    Also, I did a drawing.

    Check it out and read the text below it to see how it came about.

    Your art really inspires me!

    I sometimes grumble how I am not a great artist.

    Then, I see your stuff and your stories of how it came

    about and I say to myself….Stop Bitching…Start Drawing!!!!

    So here we go……

    Rock On Paintbrush Master!

    1. Good one Ryan! Yes, that’s what it’s all about. Just draw and paint away, practise practise practise and slowly over the years you will see something taking shape. And thank you for your kind words. I s’pose you’ve all been busy over there these past few days due to the elections. Well it’s over now for 4 years so get down to taking care of your own future. As I said plenty of times you only get one shot at life. Make the most of it before you get too old!

      1. We are just glad the election is over! The Candidates harassed us violently. PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES and EMAILS THREATENING ACTION IF NOT VOTED FOR! IT WAS DISGRACEFUL! A week after I voted, All done! Thank God!

      2. OMG, really? We didn’t hear about that side of things over here in Ireland. You’re right, that sort of harassment is utterly disgraceful! Anyway, now you can concentrate on your writing and your art. And believe in your yourself, don’t doubt yourself. Look at what Vincent van Gogh had to go through. And he was a highly intelligent man, well read, hard-working, perhaps a little over-argumentative, but the rejections he received throughout his life, from every quarter, would have broken many a man… some would say he had his brother but even so they weren’t always on the best of terms.

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