Behind the mask

Hitomi Tanaka, behind the mask, artist’s impression, oil on canvas, 14 x 12″, © Peter Robinson, Nov 10 2020


  1. You show that she is definitely not wearing a mask, but, the shape of her face is perfect like a mask but her real facial features are well defined by your technique.

    This is a unique piece!

    Nice Job!

    1. Thank you Ryan. I think I am trying to show that beauty is skin deep / an illusion… that the faces especially but the lifestyles more generally of the rich and famous, movie stars, pop stars, and celebrities, including politicians, display a kind of ugliness. I don’t know whether that ugliness can be extended to the masses that constitute humankind… perhaps it is a just a matter of degree. But that we are fed a constant diet of superficial gloss by the media giants, the corporations, governments, and their worshippers that, in all honesty, I don’t think can be denied.

      1. Hollywood is superficial. In America, Public school teachers constantly reference the entertainment industry. So that garbage is fed to our youth. It is why America has so much hate! Some day the world will realize how FAKE Hollywood is and the world will learn to believe in themselves and each other instead of celebrities.

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