1. Thanks Soni 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s a wild place. There used to be a track across the hilly fields leading to a stone farmhouse (now derelict) and then a valley and then on uphill all the way to the mountain (I never went up there, it’s too cold and it’s steep in places!)

    1. Thanks! Appreciate that. The sun shone briefly but otherwise it was very cloudy and cold! Winter has definitely arrived out here in the wilds of the North West! Lol!

  1. That is fuckin’ beautiful! That needs to be on a book cover! OMG! I am in awe! You have done iit again Paint Master! ….and on A3 Paper!!!!! You are an artistic master! ROCK ON!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I have ‘beautified’ a somewhat desolate wintry view but it’s main features: the rolling mist on the mountain, the drumlins / hills, the bare and broken trees, the rushy boggy foreground, they’re all there. There is an old stone farmhouse (out of view) at the far end of a disused track that starts at the central opening between the trees… but it has long been uninhabited probably due to the fact that it is located in an inhospitably bleak and wild place.

      1. Awesome! Well said and well done. Even abandoned nature and buildings can make good life paintings. What man forgets, God Loves.

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