Oil on canvas, 18 x 16″, Nov 28 2020

This piece is about the experience, the performance, of a poor and sick 72 year old man, an unsung painter who, all alone, crosses the most treacherous and hazardous uneven sloping ground full of hidden potholes rocks broken branches and deep trenches, armed only with a canvas easel paints and brushes, in an icy north-easterly wind.

I think this piece, this daub, does that experience, that performance, justice.

Again, this thing, this rectangular object, smeared with coloured stuff, is a kind-of record, a log-book, perhaps, of a journey across a piece of waste land, or a voyage into a hinterland, and sure, it ain’t fluffy, it ain’t no pretty picture!

Whether it’s a painting or not one thing is for sure it’s definitely about me, a biological organism, reaching out, and the universe I am reaching out to.


    1. It isn’t an inviting place, just an horrendous mess. Even the wild goats it was once home to have gone elsewhere and hopefully found greener pastures. Eventually Nature will get the upper hand over the devastation caused by men, but in the meantime…

  1. Reds….and puddles, and green bushes oh my!


    That is how the weather is here in Pennsylvania right now!

    All rainy and wet…and cold!

    Still, I would rather be in this painting right now!

    1. We have plenty of rain here! And overcast skies! Currently, however, there is frost and sunshine, although, having said that, the sun is very low in the sky. Too cold to go outdoors and paint! I won’t be going to the location in the picture again, it’s just way too treacherous! Even the wild goats found the going tough! Lol.

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