A foggy morning

Oil on canvas, 32 x 18″, Dec 1 2020


      1. A lot of impasto dashed in (as the fog swirled – the sky being not truly visible) with titanium white, raw umber, chromium oxide green, yellow ochre, (as below so above, and vice versa,) along with touches of ultramarine (which, for some reason I can’t explain has the appearance of cerulean blue,) all upon a thinned titanium white / ivory black mix over a red-toned ground. It wasn’t just about looking but perhaps more about feeling or being within this desolate and forsaken place, a place where large trees have fallen unnoticed.

  1. Big Painting With BIG results!

    The Purple and Pink Hues really help the trees and sky come to life!

    Excellent Work!


    1. Working out in the open air in the swirling fog was enjoyable. I painted a red-brown tint over the white canvas ground the night before because I didn’t really want those patches of bare white canvas that get left behind after a session showing. They tend to distract the eyes and attention of the viewer.

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