Alders and other stuff (en plein air)

oil on canvas, 24 x 24″, Dec 6 2020

Too cold to continue with this… sunny morning, frosty too, thick fog across the plain. These twisted alders, I love them. Also I noticed a skinny holly in amongst them! Woodbine too. Lots of mossy fallen trunks in the foreground.

[Below: snapshot of the piece in an indoor environment]


    1. OMG I thought I deleted your comment for a moment there… I touched a wrong button on the keyboard and suddenly I couldn’t find your comment!!! Found it again eventually though! What was I going to say? Oh yeah, it’s still very cold here, a hard frost this morning, so there was no point setting up the easel and continuing: I’d have frozen to death in 10 minutes! So, I’m just going to leave it as it is. Call it a day. Glad you like it. Did you hear of an American artist called Birge Harrison? I’ve been reading a book ‘Landscape Painting’ by him which is very interesting. I also looked into the Tonalist school of painters who worked in your part of the world and also in Brittany, France, and other locations. Again, very interesting. I know a bit about American 20th century art but not much about 19th century – and earlier – American painting.

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