1. Excellent Start!

    Life does get in the way.

    Not much we can do except take care of affairs before art.

    So sad.

    But, what must be done….MUST BE DONE!

    Good work so far!


    1. Yes, as you say, Ryan, what must be done MUST BE DONE! Who was it said, Life is what happens when you’re trying to get on with other stuff? Somebody or other! Cheers!

    2. I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, Ryan, but a Facebook friend of mine by the name of Maew Sainate asked me to send you her very best regards. I think she’d been reading some of your comments here on my Wordpage site. So, there you go!

  2. Just sent the friend request on Facebook.

    Thanks Buddy!

    ..and I like that quote.

    “Life is what Happens when you are trying to get other stuff done.”

    Good Quotes are like a good day.

    They are pleasing even aftrr it is over cause they cause a good memory.

    ROCK ON!

    1. You are a fine young man Ryan! Very supportive of my work. I love your comments. Their poetic form. You are on Facebook? A friend request? From Maew Sainate? She is a lovely woman. Very kind heart. Take care my friend. I hear the Corona virus epidemic is bad (destroying lots of lives) in the USA.

      1. Yeah it is.


        The Vaccine is on it’s way.

        By June, the whole world will be protected against Corona.

        They are giving it to priority workers first, then old people, then to

        people who have suffered an illness and Cornona would

        bring it back….then…..everyone else!

        So six months from now, the world will be back to normal.

        …and yes, your friend is a nice person.

        She answered my friend request.

        She accepted.

        Another proud addition to my Facebook friends collection.

        ROCK ON BUDDY!

      2. Same here in Ireland but I was reading some places won’t have vaccine until 2022! She is fine woman. Hard working, intelligent, and always full of fun and laughter! Take care now! 🙂

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