Digital painting?

My photographs transformed…

I can see why many artists have forsaken traditional media, even acrylics, and decided instead upon the medium of digital painting.

There is no way any artist can make paintings like this, i.e., high quality images, – photorealistic yet so much more than the merely photoreal, lol, – other than by using digital techniques.

In the entire history of art there is no painting of trees that stylistically and qualitatively even begins to compare with this !! !!

For those who go into the art business now all that is required is a camera, software, and the means to print such images onto canvas…



  1. You got more skills all the time sir.

    Still, I think traditional and digital media can co exist.

    I have heard of artists being finished with a traditional painting, scanning it in and thinking “I can do more with this in Photoshop.”

    So paintings can be taken to the next level.

    So fusing traditional with digital through scanning is my fav!

    You took a photograph and made it into something so beautiful it is amazing!

    Very crafty!

    I like to scan my drawings into photoshop.

    So Fun!

    ROCK ON!

    1. Thanks, Ryan… it seems to me that digital media is a modern technologically advanced form of commercial art or graphic design.

      I studied graphic design, illustration, typography, etc., at art college back in the late 1960’s and digital media reads simply as state of the art graphic design / illustration. But I’m not knocking it on that account.

      Back in those days images were created with designer’s gouache and ‘Letraset’. Art moves on. New technology likewise.

      I don’t use ‘Photoshop’: there’s plenty of free stuff around!

      Some of the effects though that can be created with modern media are out of this world!

      Take care!

    1. Thank you Geri. Yes, I think you’re right. New technology changes the game. These new sorts of images are kind-of making headway whereas traditional painting seems to be standing still. Thing is we never know what’s round the corner. The entire technological structure could conceivably come tumbling down. What would happen then I wonder ? And is there anyone able to envisage perhaps what comes after digital images ?? Maybe new ways of seeing. I dunno. Fascinating subject, though. And now I must get back to my traditional painting, lol !! Happy New Year to you.

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