1. Thanks John !! Not yet finished but I’m getting there… Yes, happy new year to you and yours too !! Yes, ‘debacle’ is the right word, or maybe ‘disaster’ ? But that’s what happens when loud and invariably incompetent me-me-me so-and-so’s are put in charge !! The best people seldom get a look in lol !!

      1. You should’ve asked me that 40 years ago, John !! I might’ve said, Yes !! Trouble is the power, law, judges, police, army, etc., is all in *their* hands, bought and paid for a long time ago. The only revolution I can think of at the moment is I’ll no longer be buying stuff from the UK. In future I’ll be doing my online shopping with Amazon, Germany. 不

  1. Ja, ve have vays of making you Britishers talk…. Seriously, I notice they translate everything into English on Amazon Germany which makes life a lot easier. I was getting pissed off that I’d have to translate everything but Amazon does it for me !! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, isn’t that what they say? I see Irish ferries have started a service from Rosslare to Dunkirk. Things must get better, fingers crossed !!

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