1. S’okay, no problem. Thank you once more. I have some exciting images coming up. Perhaps somewhat raunchy too… but eeerrrmm… well let’s leave the work to speak for itself.

      2. Raunchy is interesting. To my mind, what we might loosely term the erotic (though much wider than that) is a central and essential concern of art. In fact that’s just stating the obvious. But it’s a dangerous area in terms of peoples’ boundaries. That’s why it’s important. It can make us feel uncomfortable. I have chosen not to share drawings that approach this area on my blog. But that’s about my skill or lack of it and a reluctance to share something that might feel very personal as compared to a landscape, though I might argue all art creates an intimate insight into the artist.
        I look forward to the images.

      3. Lol !! Well maybe I’m just getting so near the end of my days… but I’m thinking What the hell! We’re only here once and we spend a lifetime undoing all the knots society has tied us up in… and then I don’t really believe {in} anything any more… and as you said the other day something about who really gives a shit what the other man is doing… it’s all something of a farce, life’s comedy… I have a book a dictionary of erotic art and artists and seems like just about every artist has worked in this taboo area… and then there is the subject of fashion, the images one finds in such glossy mags as Vogue and – oh Jesus… if people now have boundaries in a world where everything has been pornified to the nth degree then they really ought to seek therapy because… agh !! All I’m doing is holding a mirror up to the world… and anyway my stuff is very tame compared with what some artists are doing!!

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