1. WHOA!

    You are off to a nice start!

    The hat kinda looks like a police hat.

    So she can bust you for staring too long.


    Awesome Painting!

    It is coming along quite nicely like you said!

    ROCK ON Paint Brush Master!

    1. Thank you, Ryan! I’m just sorting the wheat from the chaff. Isn’t that also what art does? Offends the self-satisfied prigs and raises applause and laughter from the broadminded? I’m not here to slap backs or have mine slapped in return. I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand. All the rest is BS. As for art, is there anyone anywhere that has even the slightest clue as to what the art of painting is about? Certainly one looks in vain for such people on ‘social media’ websites. One is by oneself in art as in life. It’s a lonely road full of dangers but who would stick with the herd and its mentality? Art like life has to be lived otherwise one ends up a failure. A failed artist, a money-grubber, a celebrity, a self-seeker, a worthless and contemptible creature, wise in its own conceits. A fool!

      1. Wise Words.

        People choose to be offended by artistic expression because they

        themselves envy people like us.

        They don’t realize art comes from an inner pain and the desire to

        be healed though creation!

        Guys like you and me enjoy art for what it is.

        We see the humor and expression, the pain, the joy.

        Others only see the surface.

        They are not smart because they choose not to be.

        You do good work!

        Never let anyone telly you otherwise.


      2. Yes, art does come from an inner pain and the artist’s desire to heal himself… so true! And no matter what life throws at us we will keep on trucking’ my friend!

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