1. Thanks Ryan! I did a light ‘H’ pencil drawing first just so as to put the paint splodges in the right places more or less. The thing that interested me was the cascading branches of the big pine at the front… they (or ‘it’) sort-of reminded me of those big slowly turning wheels you see (or used to see) at fairgrounds… I think to the extreme right there is a yew (as well as a the skinny pine beside it) I do love pine trees and there are not enough of them around here so when I saw these in the rain a week ago I was determined to return to the location with a camera and take a few shots. With these sorts of paintings I like to get the canvas covered as quickly as possible and after that make the adjustments. That was the method the Impressionist Camille Pissarro (amongst other artists) advocated and it seemed to produce great results for him. I suppose it’s a matter of temperament also.

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