Porna Lisa

Porna Lisa: from odalisque, to jav pornalisque, to porna lisa, oil on canvas, 24 x 36″, completed today 30/01/2021.

With acknowledgements to Vincent van Gogh, especially thinking of his ‘Night Cafe’.

Henri Matisse, his interiors and odalisques; and last but not least, Francis Bacon, his ‘meat’ paintings. And, while I think about it, Rembrandt, and his ‘Slaughtered Ox’; as well as Picasso, his ‘Women of Avignon,’ and of course Leonardo da Vinci… (plus a load of other stuff too….)

I work within the tradition of Western painting and this piece is firmly situated within that tradition.


  1. Fantastic choice of name. Porna Lisa 🤣 made me laugh mate. You’ve captured her rear view perfectly. Seriously Peter. You’re extremely talented 👍

    1. You are a light in the dark night of the soul John… do you have any nice photos of yourself that maybe I could make an oil painting of and send it to you as a present and thanks for support? Whatever, have a great weekend !

      1. Not sure if I take good photographs mate 🤣🤣 but I’ll have a look 👍 and thank you very much for the kind offer.
        Actually, I’ve been thinking about a cover for a book I’m writing. I have a couple of ideas and was thinking about asking you for some help.

    1. In my mind I saw a connection between the walls of this room and the interiors of Henri Matisse. Intense colour. I worked some green into the flesh to heighten the contrast between it and the red and pink of the room. Glad you approve. Cheers, Ryan!

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