Porna Lisa

Porna Lisa: from odalisque, to jav pornalisque, to porna lisa, oil on canvas, 24 x 36″, completed today 30/01/2021.

With acknowledgements to Vincent van Gogh, especially thinking of his ‘Night Cafe’.

Henri Matisse, his interiors and odalisques; and last but not least, Francis Bacon, his ‘meat’ paintings. And, while I think about it, Rembrandt, and his ‘Slaughtered Ox’; as well as Picasso, his ‘Women of Avignon,’ and of course Leonardo da Vinci… (plus a load of other stuff too….)

I work within the tradition of Western painting and this piece is firmly situated within that tradition.


  1. Fantastic choice of name. Porna Lisa 🤣 made me laugh mate. You’ve captured her rear view perfectly. Seriously Peter. You’re extremely talented 👍

    1. You are a light in the dark night of the soul John… do you have any nice photos of yourself that maybe I could make an oil painting of and send it to you as a present and thanks for support? Whatever, have a great weekend !

      1. Not sure if I take good photographs mate 🤣🤣 but I’ll have a look 👍 and thank you very much for the kind offer.
        Actually, I’ve been thinking about a cover for a book I’m writing. I have a couple of ideas and was thinking about asking you for some help.

    1. In my mind I saw a connection between the walls of this room and the interiors of Henri Matisse. Intense colour. I worked some green into the flesh to heighten the contrast between it and the red and pink of the room. Glad you approve. Cheers, Ryan!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is. I’m not a massive fan or follower but she has very nice eyes… she’s talented at art, drawing in a Japanese style, I think she’s originally from Birmingham in Engand, the UK, and went to art school there???

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