At last !

An update on my latest piece. WIP.

Still a long way to go to finish this oil painting.

This woman, this mom, is not only beautiful to look at – her facial expressions as she plays are enchanting – but her (classical guitar) playing is out of this world…


      1. Only just saw this message from you John… thanks! Parts of this painting are quite difficult, fiddly, and so I’m coming backwards and forwards to it…. and doing other stuff in between. I’m sure you’re okay ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So, I accidentally got your part digital piece confused with this one!

    This is the one I watched evolve!


    Anyways, both pieces are excellent!

    You really are a master of paintbrushes.

    ROCK ON!

    1. No problem, Ryan. You’re a gas. You know I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to comment. This one of the woman playing classical guitar really is taking a lot of time… painting the guitar frets and strings is especially painstaking and time-consuming work. I’m currently working using a smallish paintbrush with soft nylon hair… gotta get it right, or the appearance of right, should I say… Anyway, thanks a million!

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