‘Updating failed. Sorry, you are not allowed to assign the provided terms.’

What ? !

Not again ! This is a BS state of affairs which WordPress NEEDS TO FIX ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I have had to endure this shit happening for the past year.

It just ain’t good enough!

WTF am I paying you for ?

And please don’t feed me tripe about clearing my cache etc because it doesn’t matter what I do this problem keeps on recurring.


  1. A-Men Brutha!

    I have trouble posting stuff too!

    This has to stop!

    Keep speaking out!

    This is our world……those corporate bastards can’t stop us!

    Lets kick some ass!!!

    1. I have had just about enough of corporate bastards deciding shit for me. I have all sorts of glitches with WordPress and their solution is that I seek the reassurances of one or other of their ‘happiness engineers’? (Talk about ridiculous euphemism of the century… maybe this is it!) Cheers Ryan! You’re one of the very few here that a person can have a normal i.e., real, conversation with. Everything started fucking up when WordPress decided to ‘update’ their image and the system. Idiots. Where are you George Carlin? Come back George, we need you to speak out about these clowns. Lol.

      1. Carlin is classic! For a modern version Carlos Mencia. Comedian and creator of the canceled show “MIND OF MENCIA” He was outrageous and got cancelled for not being politically correct. Now he makes a fortune making un apologetic standup shows on comedy central. He is hilarious! Look him up on youtube! So funny! We need more guys like us friend. Too many people are offended for others existing. Thank God neither of us lives in California. LOL!

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