Sorry about this but when it becomes nigh-on impossible to upload and publish stuff what other option do have?

WordPress is just way too complex.

Ninety per cent of the gizmos on it are superfluous to requirements for someone who just wants to show images of paintings and drawings and a smattering of text.

So, I won’t be posting on here any more. The site will remain online until July sometime and then it will presumably vanish into hyperspace, or wherever.

So, goodbye or maybe au revoir to my friends and I apologise for being useless when it comes to checking out your writings and stories and pics and what-not.

They say that what matters in life is not what you know but who you know… it’s a truism of course… but then life is not a party that goes on forever… I have had plenty of partying and I now feel duty-bound to work – so long as the candle still burns even if it be to the detriment of friendship.

At the end of the day friends tend to come and go. A truly faithful friend is hard to find.

But I wish all those I have come into virtual contact with over the past couple of years all the very best and hope your dreams come true and that you find happiness or whatever it is you seek.

Bon voyage.

PS My new website is peterrobinsonmodernpainter.com but I haven’t yet set things up… it’s merely under construction (I think that’s the expression!)

Peace and love,



      1. Thanks. I don’t know what I’m doing where setting up websites is concerned. Just honed things down to the bare bones and hope for the best.

  1. Hi Peter. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll miss you here.
    You know that when you post you can still select the old classic editor. I never use the new features, still working the way I did when I started. If you go into posts (so you see a list of your old posts), then new, then there’s a drop down menu offering block editor and classic editor. Select classic and you are using the old system. Or are you trying to do something cleverer that I’ve never attempted, so I’ve misunderstood?
    Please let us know where you are migrating to.

    1. Hi Neil, Good morning and thanks ! WordPress was turning me into a nervous wreck ! All I want is a simple life and a simple website to go along with it. Interesting what you say about classic. They forced me to adopt their hateful block system. Every time I went back to classic I’d find when I returned that they’d put me on block whatever again. Infuriating! Force-feeding… a kind-of torture. Okay, so I’m exaggerating but that’s how such invidious practises become with time mindless and inhumane. I’m now at peterrobinsonmodernpainter.com and hoping that I can get the site sorted within a week.

    1. Will do OA, and good morning to you! Thanks for contacting me. One needs a Phd in computer software engineering to understand and fix WordPress – stop it malfunctioning !! All I really want of a website is an online gallery, nothing more. And maybe a small blog. So, taking up valuable time but saving it in the long run I hope since I don’t have WordPress going wrong on me. Best wishes to you ! peterrobinsonmodernpainter.com

      1. I know others who have struggled with it too. Frustrating when all you want to do is upload photos. I read everythinfmg in Reader, so the plush design of people’s sites is lost on me!

      2. When you find it impossible, no matter how you try, to upload a simple image and a bit of text it becomes very frustrating. When you get notifications saying ‘You are not allowed XYZ’ and no reason or explanation given as to why… well, it’s maddening. All I want is a simple life, no complications… one doesn’t expect things to run smoothly in whatever walk of life but what was happening, what I was experiencing, is ridiculous! I managed well enough before the advent of modern technology but now it seems the world is utterly dependent on mobile phones, PC’s, the latest gadgets, AI, and so on… Hope you’re okay vis a vis the Covid thing over there in the UK.

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