Homage to Winslow Homer, his great painting, The Gulf Stream

Oil sketch on canvas, 24 x 24″

Surely Homer painted one of the greatest works of art of recent times.

For me his painting epitomises the utter wretchedness and hopelessness that is the human condition.


  1. One of my favorites artists! As a child I spent much time visiting an aunt who lived in Scarborough, Maine not far from Homer’s studio. I hope you are doing well, Peter!

    1. Thank you so much for enquiring after my health Victoria. Yes, I am doing well, I think! OMG Winslow Homer produced great art… truly rich and relevant paintings, and I am currently reading his life-story – much of which I can identify with. My homage is just a sketch but his actual painting seems to be an expression of turbulence, the turbulence of the sea, the power of nature, contrasted with the frailty of man… I hope all is well with you too, Victoria. Best wishes to you, Peter

    1. His work is very fine and full of meaning, especially the late stuff… I have long admired him and kept returning to that image of the man, perhaps a runaway slave, clinging onto that broken boat for dear life as the waves rise and fall and as sharks circle round in the water hungry and waiting… the waterspout in the distance looks menacing and the ship on the horizon is soooo far away… reminds me of that Zen koan of the man clinging onto a plant halfway down a cliff, rocks below… the plant unable to hold his weight… what does he do? Let go! Lol !! Also that image from the John Huston film of Melville’s Moby Dick in which a dead Captain Ahab is held fast to the side of the great white whale by harpoons and ropes… Winslow Homer cut himself off from society, lived as a virtual hermit, but his art is all the deeper and more profound for that… Solitude, as Wordsworth and many others understood is a great teacher.

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