1. The black tree on the right with the gray wash is my fav!

    The tree looks like you smeared the pencil marks and inked with a hunts dip pen.

    Combined with black and white wash paint.

    It creates a fusion of painting and drawing!

    Comic Book Creator and Poet James O’Barr did a technique similar rot this!

    I know cause I bought a print of his said piece of his….from

    him!….at a comic book convention here in Philadelphia!

    Yours also speaks to me cause you have a beautiful way of making the October scent visually.

    October is the best month every year!

    The look of the world and the air, the smell of the air.

    It’s in a poem I wrote called “OCTOBER AIR!”

    That tree brings the sky and Earth here to life!

    You’ve done it once again paintbrush master!!!!!

    ROCK ON!!!!!!

    1. Good morning Ryan! Pleased to see you. Glad you like the watercolour. I used Faber-Castell ‘Graphite Aquarelle’ pencils which you can mix with water unlike ordinary pencils although, having said that, I know you can mix them with spit, spread the marks you make with spit and your thumb… tends to make clean areas grubby which is handy… too much pristine white is not my scene! Yes, October is a great month. I was born in October and always kind-of feel it somehow when that time of the year comes around… hope you’re well. I had to quit Facebook, just had enough of it, total waste of space… thought I might as well continue posting here on WordPress since I’m paid up ’til August or whatever… lol !!

      1. May as well. LOL! Thanks for the 411 on Facebook. I bookmarked your site. It is a good site. You really worked hard on it. Now you can post your art censorship free. and yes, use WordPress for as long and you have it! Hope you had a good Easter Holiday. ROCK ON BUDDY!

      2. Lol !! Had to look up ‘411’ !! Thanks for the Easter well-wishes… it’s been snowing and a bitterly cold northerly wind !! But the sun is shining too, thanks be… yes, I am a sun worshipper… been reading some interesting theories, very plausible, about the sun, moon, and stars, (incl. planets,) and the notion that all the ancient religions have their origins in sun and fire worship… although Islam seems to have had its origins in Moon worship !! You live and learn ! Take care and have a great Easter break with your family and kids !!

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