1. Holy!


    The colors are so bright and pretty it is almost hard to believe they

    were hand intend and not off a digital printer!

    But you are the paintbrush master!

    So I know this is all you!

    You Rock!

    Great artwork!


    If you like, I made a word press post in the form of a joke about the American Government.

    Lots of violence in the USA right now.

    So I made a joke hoping to wake the voters like me up!

    Feel free to check it out!

    Also, once again, I love the colors and shapes of your painting!



    1. Thanks Ryan. Sometimes the skies are very dramatic and one can see almost figures in the passing clouds. Thinking about it this sort of in depth study of the sky is somewhat William Blake-ish. Blake actually personified his skies with his ugly (to my mind) versions of Michelangelo-esk-type figures. I don’t think he had much time for religion. And I’m aware of the fact that he was another wronged by the so-called law. But I digress… it has long been known that god, all gods, monotheistic, primitive, whatever, were invented by priests and the suchlike, whether ancient Egyptian or darkest African… And basically to put it very simply the origins world-wide of gods and their angels and what-not lie in the sun, moon, the stars, and weather… God was seen by the ancient Babylonians as a giant penis that rose in the morning and fell in the evening, the sun, in other words… and the rain was his semen… daft, I know, but this is where all the religious shite that has beleaguered the world for so long, caused so many wars, countless dead, comes from. So, I think you get the picture, God, Zeus, Allah, Ahura Mazda, or whatever you like to call this old man with his long beard who the superstitious believe resides in the sky above, acts on the earth below, thunders, storms, floods, sends hurricanes, etc., etc.. Of course, the weather is the weather. The return of summer and long days after the winter of long nights the ancients associated with good and evil: summer = good; winter = bad; thus the invention of morals and commandments and laws and the all the fucking rest of that crap… etc., etc.. And that’s what I saw, black and dark blue clouds, and shafts of light, and colours, as the rain hurtled downwards. Only, unlike the sun-worshippers I don’t personify mere weather, nature, the moon, or whatever! Lol.

      1. An insightful view combined with a fun history lesson! Good Show! Yeah, I could almost see figures in your painting too! GOOD WORK!

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