1. A collection of greatness!

    The one with her tongue out shows a playful sense of humor!

    My favorite of all these!

    God work sir!


    1. Thank you Ryan! For me, maybe I’m mistaken, of course, but looking out at the world now, (whatever it’s actual constitution,) as objectively as possible, inevitably from the particular to the general, i.e., this 21st century world, I see a certain kind of female figure, an iconic and influential woman, a visual archetype of power, and power over men, their bodies, their minds.

      She is a veritable goddess-type and she is everywhere, or leastways imitations of her are everywhere, yes, she is ubiquitous, and thoroughly modern, thoroughly now. I only wish I could, after having studied her idiosyncratic form, do something with it, I mean, artistically, inventively, and without being ludicrous or ridiculous.

      We shall see. There is some great art out there. I only wish mine were up to the required standard. I am too old now to learn the ins and outs of photoshop! The world is for the up-and-coming young, not for old dinosaurs like me!

      Thanks again.

      1. Don’t worry about it. You are the paintbrush master who knows a little about Photoshop. Also,. what you said here was brilliant! People should only critique your art objectively. Negativity and malice are from haters who are jealous they do not or can not paint in your unique style and ability. You just keep doing your stuff! Screw the ludicrous people who don’t understand brilliance! You Rock. …and also…..That was some good writing you did here! Excellent work. The statements were true here. Whole and full! ROCK ON

      2. You are so supportive Ryan. I do wish you well. The best! And you talk such sense. Nothing pretentious. I like that!

        There is another side of life that is very difficult for me to speak of. I cannot remember where you live in the USA, but it’s somewhere around Pennsylvania, (named after president Penn I believe,) I think? Well, long story short, there are places in your state (if that is your state,) that are dangerous. One such place is Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia, (there seem to be many others too.) I was horrified and shocked to watch a few youtube vids of walking and driving ‘tours’ of this avenua and other streets in the badlands so-called of ‘Philly’. People openly injecting themselves on the streets with god-knows what substances! So tragic! Whatever happened to the American Dream? Stay safe, Ryan, stay away from such god-forsaken places. (Not saying you’re into drugs or anything, just want you to stay clear of places you could get hurt in.) Good thoughts to you! 🙂

      3. I am from Bensalem Pennsylvania. A town that is part of North Philadelphia. Make no mistake,. Philly is fucked up! Racial violence is over the top right now. Black Lives Matter and The Whitehoods are at war right now. At the local Mall, a man was shot just for ordering more than one chicken sandwich from Popeyes! Chicken. Those sandwiches have caused problems but especially in our town. For those taking public transportation, they are advised to board a bus home no later than 9:05 P.M. The gunfire goes off after that! At Sushi Kingdom in the mall complex, a man was shot in buried in broad daylight. Right in front of me! The cops rushed us on the buses and said not to ask questions. The news said it was two african americans fighting over an asian girl. They go nuts over asian girls! RHAWNHURST is the worst of it! Shootings happen nightly. My trainer from the gym lives there and was nearly shot a week ago just trying to get a gallon of milk from the covalence store before his wife woke up to go to work! Philly is no safe haven! Mayor Kenny pays the media millions to hide the violence! Black men are taught they are better than the white man and to do whatever they want and if they are arrested to call the cops racist on television at their trial. PHILADELPHIA has a nickname here…..”SHITADELPHIA!” Never believe the hidden and padded resume Philly pays the media for! Yes, there ere drugs, the kids take them in school…..the drug dealers come to the kids at lunch time. Some are even recruited to sell drugs. The schools don;’t care. As long as Philadelphia City Council pays them to look the other way…..they don’t care! See what I mean now?!

      4. Right. Thanks Ryan. I had to look up many of the things you mention: maps of places, Popeyes chicken, Sushi Kingdom, Rhawnhurst, Mayor Kenney, and so on. I’m so glad you don’t live in the thick of it!

        Bensalem seems quite different in character from the Philadelphia badlands. What a great pity that a city with such a beautiful name (love of the wise and ancient oracle of Delphi, presumably) should have such a dreadful character! What a fate!

        Racial intolerance (on all sides) and the violence that inevitably accompanies such is a horrendous curse upon humankind. The American civil war appears to live on.

        Gun violence is another curse upon mankind. That and the drugs problem makes me wonder how on earth people are able to go about their lives even slightly happy and contented with their lot. Not just drugs either, or guns, or racial violence but insanity, madness, psychopathy, sociopathy, schizophrenia, depression…. people need hospitals, psychiatric care. But there are no solutions to these problems. People are people. You cannot change minds. Try and discover just how intransigent and stubborn people are.

        Education? What chance is there when kids grow up in such dangerously violent surrounding?

        The churches/religions and the politicians solve nothing. They never have, they never will. If anything they make matters worse. I see the various ethnic communities are policed by their own gangs … no go areas of the city … OMG, I am an innocent, a child … the countryside is my place, not the city … city life, modern city life especially is surely a kind of hell on earth.

        It was the same in ancient Rome. The psychology of people doesn’t change. So many people/slaves living together, there are bound to be problems.

        Yes, and I see the AP advises journalists to use the euphemistic terms ‘unrest’ and ‘protest’ when what’s really happening is full-blown rioting, damage to people and property, and arson and looting. Things are out of control !

        Apparently, Kenney legalised marijuana! One thing leads to another. Some of the hash or weed obtainable now is truly mind-blowing. Turns you crazy. Mix it with alcohol and the damage is done.

        Worship meaningless baubles and crap, designer labels, flashy autos, porn stars, human values out the window!

        What a world! I wish America and the poor long-suffering people (whatever the colour of their skins) well.

        Take care of yourself Ryan and your kids.

  2. “Simply the breast” 😅 Love the humor, and I’m glad I clicked on this post because I didn’t realize it was such a beautiful collection! My only regret is that I cannot see these paintings in person…

    1. Thanks John! I was searching for a tagline and eventually settled for this pun. I’d like to frame some of these works and exhibit them but I’m not sure any gallery is interested in this sort of work. Even people I thought were friends thought I was crazy to make paintings / drawings of a Japanese porn star / actress. Work in this vein and suddenly the matter becomes one of how to lose friends and alienate people. But an artist has to do what he or she thinks is right, and relevant. Fact is I’m not a pervert but a highly intelligent and highly educated artist. Artists throughout history have painted naked and sexy women. Manet’s, ‘Olympia’, and all its predecessors, for instance.

      1. Oh clearly that is the case! I myself am a huge fan and have a doctorate in classical music, however I am not able to be public about this for the same fears of alienation. I have found a number of highly talented artists who use Hitomi as subject matter, as well as several other actresses. It is just the stigma we live with now… I think it would be wonderful if there was a gallery that would exhibit your work!

      2. I’d be interested in seeing what other artists have been doing vis a vis Ms Tanaka… Maybe I will gather the work together and hang it on the walls round here see what sort of impression it creates and then maybe take things further. Cheers!

      3. I have been collecting several artistic renderings of her, including yours. I am happy to share them, although I do not know how to embed them here in the comments!

      4. Sure! Sorry for the late reply. One artist is Luke Haughey and he has most of his material on twitter. A great deal of it is JAV related and there is a lot of Hitomi. Here is a link to a couple twitter posts as a sample:

        Another great artist I found is Amat Mulyono from Indonesia, and the best is his instagram. Not all is Hitomi related, however if you scroll through you will find some amazing works. Here are a couple sample posts:

      5. Thanks for that John. I couldn’t access the instagram images but saw the ones on twitter and they look pretty good. I shall have to up my game! Lol. Thanks for the research. Always interesting to see what others are doing in the field.

    1. Wow! Very impressed. Some very fine artwork – drawings, paintings, – here! Thank you so much for letting me take a peek…. some of these images really are good!!! Pass my congrats onto the other artists !! She’s a great subject, of course! Marilyn Monroe pales into insignificance next to Hitomi T. She has so many faces and expressions and her body is outstandingly [no pun] beautiful and sexy and just fascinating to look at.

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