Leaving the paint to dry…

The raw umber used in this piece, (a versatile colour,) is dry, but the titanium white, (which I had to use in places,) takes a good bit longer.

In the meantime there is always other outstanding stuff to be done. For instance, today I mixed up some mortar and laid a load of cut concrete blocks. Started early, with the sun, and luckily got finished before the rain!

And I need to stretch and prime some canvases.


And of course there is always reading and research to be done.

A woman friend called round and looked at the painting and said the girl has a very pretty face. I agreed and remarked that she also has a pretty amazing body and that she is a pretty good actor/actress even if the parts she plays are somewhat stereotypical and cliched.


  1. If the parts she plays are sometimes steteotypical and cliched, this is certainly the fault of her studios and not that of Ms Tanaka. When she has a good role, I think she is one of the very best in the industry! Sorry for spamming you with comments today, it’s just been a while since I clicked on your site and there are so many great new works of yours, and not just those featuring Hitomi either! Love the musicians as well.

    1. I agree! I have no problem with your commenting. Feel free. I must have done approx 50-100 studies of her, based on images of her, in various different styles, a lot of them not completed. I don’t know what the attraction is. But it’s not just her body. She seems to have some sort of indefinable quality. So far as porn and modelling is concerned she’s surely as good as it gets. But I’m not expert on the subject!

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