What my painting is about…

Venus of Dolni Vestonice, Czech, 26,000 BP

These are my provisional thoughts; they are subject to change expansion and revision.

First of all, I speak to those fortunate enough to have open thoughtful minds.

Of course, I feel sorry for those others, and they are legion, blinded by ignorance, prejudice and bigotry. I realised long ago the futility of even entering into conversation with such people.

Next, my work is not about porn but about nature, the natural world, natural phenomena.

And my feelings and thoughts in the face of the aforementioned natural world.

Sensuality is the only reality, i.e., the existential sensory world, the world of the senses.

Metaphysics and make-believe fantasies are not what I’m about. I have no time for religious, moral, or political codswallop.

Liberty to speak, to write, to create, freedom from authority, authoritarianism, and coercion, is paramount.

Whatever shape or form an authority takes I reject it and naturally rebel against it. And have always done so.

So, then, what I’m doing is expressing ideas to do with nature, my understanding of nature, the seasonal cycle, the changing weather, light, shadow, and so on. However, I’m not doing this literally but allegorically, using human mostly female faces, images of the female body, clothed or unclothed, sexualised or not.

The human face and body, especially the female, (and I regard women generally as essential and more beautiful, more important in virtually everything than men,) becomes a language in itself. The human female form, her facial expressions, the way she moves through space, the postures she adopts, all speak the language of truth.

In short, my painting is about nature, using the expressive language of the female human body.

© peter robinson 22/06/2021


      1. Always welcome mate 👍
        I don’t seem to get much free ‘Me’ time with this job. Having said that, I’m learning to make it work in my favour, hence I’m looking and reading on here now 😉 😎

      2. It is important, the free ‘Me’ time… I s’pose it’s a balancing act between work and leisure… I know you’ll get the balance right and working in your favour – no problem! Huh? Anyway, glad to see you here again! 😉

      3. Thank you John… you say the nicest things! I hope you do find time for your writing… I know a lot of people on these boards – me too – enjoy(ed) reading your sketches on life love and the whole damn thing!

  1. Thank you for this post! Shows everything in the context of thousands of years of art history.

    1. Yes, and then along came Christianity and with it shame… beautiful naked female bodies had to be covered up! And things don’t seem to have gotten any better with the passage of time. Some religious hypocrites would have women covered from head to toe! It’s very bad. In an ideal world women would be as free as men to express themselves, to dress and show themselves as they choose….

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