Just a few lines to let y’all know that…

…I’m in the process of making changes round here.

So, peterrobinsonartist.com will in future be used solely to show my landscape, still-life, and abstract work.

As for my allegorical, portrait, and animal painting, that will be moved to a brand new website (which I’m in the process of creating) which I’ll supply details of shortly.



  1. Congratulations on your website design projects!

    Be sure to post links so I can bookmark them!

    Sorry I have not been around lately.

    My nieces have both graduated Middle School.

    So we had to par-tay!!!

    Good stuff with your art lately too.

    I have been looking.

    Just not much time to comment!

    You are amazing Paintbrush master!

    ROCK ON!

    1. Thanks, Ryan! No problem! Take care and look after your nieces… and party, yeah… and party for me too!!! Or what’s left of me: my old bag of bones! Lol. Hope you got your anti-Covid jabs. šŸ˜‰

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