Five scenes from a mural of Irish coal miners I painted in acrylics twenty years ago…

It was 6′ high and 30′ (or was it 40′??) long but isn’t there any more. The rain eventually got the better of it!


  1. Excellent and well done!

    Van Gogh did drawings of miners in his days of

    returning to his art after he lost his job as a preacher.

    You probably knew that though.

    You did a good job here.

    20 years ago.

    I graduated from high school that long ago.

    My niece an nephew think Dinosaurs roamed the earth back then.

    I am like, but we had computers and stuff 20 years ago?

    But, then, they asked me if we had I-PAD and I-Phone.

    I said that only rich people had cell phones back then.

    They are like “What is a cell phone?”


    1. Thanks Ryan! You have a great sense of humour. Gave me a good laugh! Thanks for that too! Yes, poor old Van Gogh. He went through an intense religious phase and, moreover, he practised what he preached – which is probably why he got rejected by the religious authorities! There’s no justice! But eventually it was art that saved him – at least for a while. He died way too young.

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