1. Excellent and well done!

    Van Gogh did drawings of miners in his days of

    returning to his art after he lost his job as a preacher.

    You probably knew that though.

    You did a good job here.

    20 years ago.

    I graduated from high school that long ago.

    My niece an nephew think Dinosaurs roamed the earth back then.

    I am like, but we had computers and stuff 20 years ago?

    But, then, they asked me if we had I-PAD and I-Phone.

    I said that only rich people had cell phones back then.

    They are like “What is a cell phone?”


    1. Thanks Ryan! You have a great sense of humour. Gave me a good laugh! Thanks for that too! Yes, poor old Van Gogh. He went through an intense religious phase and, moreover, he practised what he preached – which is probably why he got rejected by the religious authorities! There’s no justice! But eventually it was art that saved him – at least for a while. He died way too young.

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