Something the Impressionists

And Monet in particular, seem to have understood, is, that light is not a static dead thing, far from it!

Neither is it merely stuff that shines and illuminates, nay, more than this, light is a very powerful shimmering energy that is constantly changing colour throughout the day. It affects the weather and is also affected in return by the weather.

We never seen the same scene from moment to moment. Everything we look at is always new. Don’t be duped by appearances!

View across Co Leitrim Ireland after a photograph


  1. Very beautiful! Interesting to see the difference in space/light in the 2 works. I immediately had to think of the days when a friend of mine and me grasped our easels, took a walk and painted till the lights were gone….Painting after a photo has it’s own charm. I like that too.

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