1. You say the nicest things, John!
      I send you a manly handshake (although I’m no longer the man I was) and a French kiss on both cheeks!!!
      Where have you been? I checked your site several times.
      Hope you’re keeping well!

      1. It’s all true Peter 👍 I’ve been pretty busy with work, but I’m learning to make a little bit of time for myself now. How are you?

      2. Ah, you know, keeping my nose to the grindstone (and keeping it clean too)… well, what else is there? Lol. Yes, you must make time for yourself. That is so important. Life is so short.

      3. I don’t know about the Buddhists… but certainly Pythagoras and his followers believed in reincarnation… oh and the ancient Egyptians too… isn’t that what the pyramids were all about? I think? There again all the religions seem to espouse the doctrine of an afterlife, a heaven and hell, in some form or another: the good go to heaven and the wicked to hell!!!! It would be nice if it were true!!!

      4. Exactly! It’s cruel of the priestly and other such classes to lead the people on!!! There should be justice in this world! WE WANT JUSTICE NOW! Shout it out to the presidents and prime ministers and the religious leaders and the military … rant over!

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