1. Hello Peter, It has been a while since we last communicated. I hope this finds you well. Your newest painting is beautiful. I’m hoping the Vanishing Point takes one to a place of peace and tranquility.

    1. Hi Victoria! Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Thank you for the kind words! I don’t know about peace and tranquillity though! I don’t think that’s the lot of the artist! But I do hope things are peaceful and tranquil at your end although I suspect you’re still being denied the justice you’ve been seeking for so long… an uphill battle all the way, fighting against the intimidating power of the L. Ron Hubbard cult as well as some pretty disgraceful and downright reprehensible behaviour within the judicial system. Did your book get published yet? Best wishes, Peter

      1. Hello Peter, Very nice to hear from you! Yes, I’m still in the fight when it comes to Scientology. I suffered a  huge disappointment a couple of months back. I had been working for several years with producers who were bringing Kyle’s story to Netflix. The creative board was gun-ho, and it passed the rigid Netflix legal board. I had hoped with the publicity, someone with new evidence would come forward. We were at the pre-filming stage when we received word that “someone”  at the top of Netflix squashed the project for no given reason. It was a blow, but I’ll recover. It’s what you come to expect when dealing with the Church of Scientology. They’ve lots of money and friends in high places. All the best to you, Peter! Thank you for your support.   

      2. Wow! The law (the so-called ‘law’) is not supposed to be a respecter of persons. We are all equal before the law. Or are we? I’m sorry to hear that this happened. Who is the CEO at Netflix? Yes, a quick google search shows just what power they wield. It’s a disgrace. Eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, the thugs who run this criminal organisation will get their comeuppance.

      3. I’ve no idea who the CEO is. We never received an explanation or who it was that killed the documentary. I do know it caused a great deal of upset and criticism regarding the unprofessionalism of Netflix. The producers who wanted to document Kyle’s story are still under contract with Netflix. Apparently, when their contracts expire, they will take the story to a paid cable channel like HBO. I’m not holding my breath. I never forget that to them; it’s a story. For me, it’s my child’s life. Despite all the disappointment, I keep hoping that the truth will eventually come out.

      4. As you say, to them it’s just another story, whereas to you it’s grief and sorrow and anger and disappointment and indeed all the emotions a mother feels over the loss of her child and under very suspicious circumstances too… As Thrasymachus argued, and very strongly, though Plato has no time for him, the reality in this world is that injustice prevails, ‘Might is right!’ This is academic (forgive me) but Socrates argued (via Plato) that it is better to suffer injustice than to be unjust. Unfortunately, the louts that run and worship scientology see things the other way round and will do anything, whatever it takes, to cover up the truth about their shady operation. Where they are concerned might (in the shape of dollars) is right. I hope for your sake, and I see there are many others who have had bad experiences with these people, for them too, then, that the truth will come out. But that doesn’t bring your dear son back. That’s the horrid part. I feel for you.

      5. If only I could express how much your words of wisdom mean to me. Thank you, Peter for taking the time to give me some much-needed support. You are truly appreciated!

      6. No, thank you, Victoria, for your words of wisdom, which resonate powerfully with me… I cannot speak for other people but I do know this, that until something like what has happened to you happens to them they exist as little more than social lip servants… What has happened to you is that your eyes have been opened. Maybe it would have been better had they not been opened, that your son had still been with you, surely, that you still had faith in the judicial and other systems that operate in this world… but no, you have witnessed the great wrongs and cover-ups that go on (in whose name?) in our world… The words of that old Negro spiritual come to mind, ‘was blind but now I see’… I don’t know about God or all that stuff (I’m an atheist) but you have been granted some sort of grace, the sort that is surely denied to most.
        I looked on YouTube and came across this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTtzc7sTZ-8&ab_channel=RealStories and was particularly moved when you spoke (from 22.39 – 23.14) :
        “Everything that I believed in / to be true with this country, with our judicial system, I realise was a lie.
        And that even when presented with enough evidence… that it did not matter, that they were just going to throw it out.
        It was like saying that his [my son Kyle’s] life did not matter, that he [Kyle] did not matter – in this world.
        And it is very, to this day, it’s…” [At this point Victoria, visibly moved with emotion at the thought of the gross injustice of it all, is unable to continue… she wipes a tear from her eye.]
        This needs to be brought to the attention of the highest authorities. This is an indictment against all the hypocrisy and corruption of money-grubbing vote-seeking government… etc etc Forgive the rant.

      7. I’m grateful to Markus Thoess for including Kyle’s story in his documentary. I was an absolute wreck during the filming. It was challenging to say the least. What happened to my son wasn’t, in my opinion, a rarity—the corruption in the U.S. is rife and fueled by greed. Early on, I was offered one million to keep quiet and disappear. The thought of it sickened me. I’ll keep writing and speaking out, and hopefully, it may make a difference one day.

      8. Wow! I believe you. There is corruption here in Ireland, and also in the UK, and it’s Europe-wide, and I don’t doubt that corruption is in truth a world-wide phenomonon. Trying to buy your silence… OMG ! If I can ever help, artistically, let me know.

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