Haven’t made any sculpture in years…

… but seeing this damaged piece of an ash trunk in the pile I immediately thought, Why not, Peter?

This log is about 4+ feet high and heavy! But I managed to up-end it and balance it on a stump.

I got German chainsaws and Swedish axes so should be able to do something with it. Lol! Henry Moore eat your heart out…

In the meantime, though, many logs to split for winter fuel!

And painting to be done too!

We’ve had some sunshine and the butterflies (so beautiful) have been flocking to the buddleias (beautiful sight!)


      1. Standing stone-ish… I must go down the field and look at it… it’s very misty here at present… waiting for the sun to burn the mist away

      2. I live in County Leitrim – the most sparsely populated county in Ireland – in the peace and quiet of the countryside, on the foothills of Slieve Anierin… two to two and a half hours drive from Dublin…

      3. It wasn’t the Nat King Cole I used to hear on the radio… I thought it was Debbie Reynolds but when I looked it up on YouTube saw it was Ms Francis! She was quite popular back then! That’s the sort of music people listened to before the Beatles came along!

      4. When I went on Youtube to look up the name of the singer I saw Nat King Cole’s name mentioned but it was a female singer’s version I remember. I just couldn’t recall her name! It was a long time ago!

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