1. Painting!




    Good Show!

    Also, I loved your butterflies so much, I posted all three on my Facebook!

    I know I should have asked but I knew since it was butterflies and nothing risqué I figured you would be okay with it!

    I will ask next time if you prefer.

    I did give you full credit as the creator of the pieces.

    Got some likes already!

    You o good work my friend.

    I have been doodling mostly lately.

    Why not full pieces?

    I have been writing!

    A lot!

    Check out my work press!

    Five new pieces!

    Hop0e all is well with you!

    ROCK O

    1. Fortunately or unfortunately it’s not good work that counts! It’s the propaganda and who spreads it that counts. Don’t believe the hype. Everything in the contemporary art world is fixed. The notion of great art and great artists is fixed. When I say ‘fixed’ I mean outcomes have been predetermined by a handful of powerful influencers in the art world. They come to some sort of consensus and decide for us what is good and what not. It’s purely subjective… there are no objective criteria involved! It’s like a class system or, better still, a voting system, and it’s who you know not how good the work is!! So, that’s the way things are in this world and there’s nothing we can do about it! Sound of laughter!

      1. RIGHT? LOL! I hear music is that way too! To succeed you must have a friend or family member who can’t introduce you to people. The sad truth about what we do. You know?

      2. Yes, I know well. I’ve seen it from the outside but also from the inside. The whole art thing is a sham! It’s the same in almost every field of human endeavour. But what do I care? Knowledge of the truth is sufficient reward. Lol!

      3. Well, Ryan, you’ve put it very much more succinctly than me! Yes, indeed, knowledge is power… yes, fame and suchlike is an illusion… ! We omnipotents have the last laugh in the scheme of things!

  2. Yes, we just need to spread the knowledge far and wide… the more people know the truth the better… only people power can effect change… and change needs to be radical… and it’ll take a long time because those frauds now running the show will not give up their positions of privilege without a fight…. so, this is a kind-of war against the ruling elites… art has to be democratised… every man is an artist… no more posh galleries and museums… no more curators… no more false histories and BS criticism… no more art as currency… no more ridiculous prices for worthless contemporary shit.

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