1. Myself and my friend are working on a second one. The first is now covered with a tarpaulin and gathers leaves and sycamore helicopter seeds (as well as puddles of water) that fall from the big sycamore above. It looks quite nice like that too! People, farmers, and locals who saw it in the raw were impressed! We’ve decided, my co-artist and I, that when the second one is finished we shall build a third in the round, as per Swedish style! Yes, it is a tongue in cheek piece. It’d look great in a large gallery though. Different context. But it’d take ages to dismantle and transport and rebuild. It’s fine as it is in situ. Oh, yes, I think it was some Venice Biennale or other in which an Irish clamp of turf was exhibited. I’ve made clamps of turf myself and seen old timers who even covered them with straw, a kind of thatch, to protect them from the elements, the wild, wet winters! I believe that art is an approach to life as well as much else. Most people, I believe, do stuff for money. That’s understandable but it’s not the right way to live. Living is an art. Washing the dishes is an art. You name it, there’s an art to it. It’s a sort-of excellence, there’s a sort-of excellence about doing stuff the right way as opposed to doing stuff for mere money! Sorry, apologies, for waxing lyrical, but it means the world to me… maybe it’s a kind-of moral art… there’s also a little humour in it! Glad you liked it. When the next one is completed I’ll post more photos!

      1. “I believe that art is an approach to life as well as much else” – definitely and If one does it for money, which generally is ok, it is an approach too. I am looking forward to see your new version. Your other works are great too. Some look humble at first sight but one who has learned to look will see a lot.

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